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  • Explore the naturally nutritious Perple range including Summer Berries, Fresh Lime & Mint, Blood Orange, and Golden Mango. They each contain everything you need to go faster, further, higher, harder, healthier, happier than you’ve ever gone before. Why not start with one of our convenient trial or starter packs to discover your favourites?

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Endurance Mixes.

  • Endurance Mix

    Mixed with water - combines 20g multiple carbs, 721mg of balanced electrolytes, 948mg of plant based BCAA. To sustain endurance, enhance hydration, improve cognitive and muscle function, without sickness & stomach problems. No Maltodextrin. No Caffeine. No Aspartame. No Chemical food dyes, synthetic flavours or preservatives. Vegan friendly & gluten free. Recyclable cartons made using renewable plant-based materials.

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Hydration Devices.

  • Hydration Accessories

    The Perple Tacx Shiva cycling water bottle fits most cycle frame cages, stows easily and comfortably in cycling shirts, and is easy to squeeze for a smooth rapid flow.

    The Perple HydraPak Ultra Flask is a collapsible water bottle has a high-flow bite valve for precise, easy prep. Designed to fit your running vest, belt, or pack pocket securely and without bouncing.

    Both bottles have 50ml volume markers for ease of mixing Perple Endurance Mix.