The Perple story

Perple was born in a hospital bed 6,000 miles from home after a serious crash during an endurance bike race in South Africa. My hip was about to have 3 six-inch screws surgically inserted, in an attempt to save it.

As I laid there, I talked to another racer to distract myself. He was in the ER for heart problems — officials worried he’d have a heart attack. While I listened to his story, I became more intrigued by the symptoms he was suffering. They seemed familiar.

I too had experienced them, during events, intense training days and throughout my last expedition crossing the Himalayas on a mountain bike. Heart palpitations, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, severe headaches and major stomach problems.

I wondered… “Could it be my sports nutrition supplements that were the cause?” I regularly packed my body with drinks, gels, bars, chews and powders. But, like most people, didn’t really know what they were made of. I decided to find out.

What followed was the biggest career change of my life: I ditched my big corporate career to go back to school. I traded an executive office for a laboratory at Oxford University. I covered thousands of pages of scientific research. I learned from physiologists, molecular biologists and biochemists.

Resulting in creating a completely natural and high-performing endurance nutrition formula, designed to optimise your vascular and muscle function. Perple is the most convenient, natural way to get your body the nutrition it needs, to be at your best, and feel great. With absolutely no side effects.

So you can now go faster, further, higher, harder, healthier, happier.

Founder & CEO: Jason Baits-Tomlin

4 X F1 World Champion & Perple Investor

Sebastian Vettel

Racing in an F1 car pushes your body to extreme limits, so you need to have huge levels of fitness and endurance to stay focused throughout the race. The high lateral G-forces also places significant pressure on the stomach. So finding the right energy and hydration product that doesn't create stomach issues or any other side effects, but still delivers optimum performance is absolutely vital. Following a recommendation by Sebastian's performance coach Sebastian's performance to try Perple, he never turned back. After experiencing how Perple worked for himself, Sebastian was so impressed that he is now one of Perple’s leading shareholders and is personally involved in Perple’s development.

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Perple & the planet

Being able to take pleasure in the great outdoors is a fundamental right for all the inhabitants of earth. We take our responsibility for treading lightly seriously. And will continue to look for ways to improve.

Packaging - We’ve chosen Tetrapak over PET Plastic bottles as they are plant based, recyclable and generate lower CO2 emissions.

Hydration accessories - We’ve chosen the Tacx Bio bottle as it’s plant based, recyclable and biodegradable. And Hydrapak Ultraflask as it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Coconut water - Our supplier is a member of SEDEX; the leading organisation for companies committed to sourcing responsibly and improving conditions for all parties within the supply chain.

Concentrates - We only transport concentrated ingredients to save space and CO2 emissions.

Partners - We do our utmost to ensure that all our partners and suppliers are ethical and sustainable businesses that adhere to the highest standards and practices.