Collection: Hydration Accessories

Perple collapsible HydraPak Ultra Flask and Tacx Shiva cycling bio bottle are designed for easy, planet-friendly hydration on the go.


Perple & the planet.

Being able to take pleasure in the great outdoors is a fundamental right for all the inhabitants of earth. We take our responsibility for treading lightly seriously. And will continue to look for viable ways to improve.

Packaging - We’ve chosen Tetrapak over PET Plastic bottles as they are plant based, recyclable and generate lower CO2 emissions.

Hydration accessories - We’ve chosen the Tacx Bio bottle as it’s plant based, recyclable and biodegradable. And Hydrapak Ultraflask as it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Coconut water - Our supplier is a member of SEDEX; the leading organisation for companies committed to sourcing responsibly and improving conditions for all parties within the supply chain.

Concentrates - We only transport concentrated ingredients to save space and CO2 emissions.

Partners - We do our utmost to ensure that all our partners and suppliers are ethical and sustainable businesses that adhere to the highest standards and practices.