“What you put in, is what you get out.”

“What you put in, is what you get out.”

Adelle Tracey Explains Why Conventional Sports Nutrition Doesn’t Work For Her.

Embarking on the journey of advanced nutrition, particularly for an athlete, is a very personal endeavour. As an athlete who has had a vegetarian diet throughout my life, I have always placed particular emphasis on thoughtful and strategic fuelling practices. This has led me to adopt a unique perspective that diverges from the accepted approach to fuelling in sports culture. Navigating the complexities of sports nutrition, particularly concerning sports drinks and recovery strategies, became a challenge of as I progressed in my athletic career.

The orthodoxy in sporting culture emphasises the consumption of sports drinks as a cornerstone for enhancing athletic performance. However, as someone adhering to a predominantly plant-based diet, I found myself at odds with the conventional sports nutrition products available in the market. Many of these products not only lacked essential nutritional content but also contained elevated levels of caffeine and artificial ingredients. This dissonance prompted me to question the efficacy of these products in supporting my rigorous training regimen. My fundamental belief, "what you put in, is what you get out," ignited a quest for a more holistic, nourishing approach to fuelling.

In response to the limitations of sports nutrition, I embraced a 'food first' approach. This involved prioritising being well fuelled before training and adhering to the critical 15-minute post-exercise window for optimal recovery. While this strategy has positive results, the immediate consumption of an adequate amount of carbohydrates post-exercise remained a challenge at times. This dilemma prompted me to continue searching for alternative strategies to optimise carbohydrate absorption before, during, and after training.

The turn point was discovering Perple. Perple is a brand that stands out for its commitment to science-led formulations and a profound consideration for individualised needs. Bursting with high-quality plant-based carbohydrates, Perple not only provides superior fuelling but also plays a pivotal role facilitating consistency of training by reducing the risk of injury and illness, while providing sustained energy crucial for peak performance.


As a female athlete, incorporating additional carbohydrates into my diet during the menstrual cycle has proven to be personally beneficial in promoting hormonal stability. Central to Perple's efficacy is its liquid concentrate form, which facilitates fast and efficient absorption of a substantial quantity of carbohydrates. This quality proves particularly advantageous around the menstrual cycle and on race days. Giving me the confidence to ingest a precise amount of carbohydrates an hour before the race without subjecting myself to the burden of extensive food digestion during the crucial warm-up phase.


As an athlete subject to regular anti-doping tests, upholding the highest standards of clean sport throughout training and competition is non-negotiable. Perple's commitment to excellence is exemplified by its Informed Sport certification, reassuring athletes that the manufacturing process undergoes rigorous testing for banned substance contamination. The inclusion of a batch code on each drink, searchable on the Informed Sport website, provides an additional layer of transparency, instilling confidence, and peace of mind regarding product safety.

In the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of sports nutrition, Perple emerges as a beacon of innovation and reliability, offering a science-led solution for athletes seeking high-quality, plant-based carbohydrates. By seamlessly incorporating Perple into my daily routine, I have not only found a trusted ally in my quest for optimal fuelling but have also fortified my commitment to performing at the highest level while upholding the principles of clean sport and plant-based nutrition. Perple, with its fixed dedication to science and goodness, stands as a testament to the symbiotic relationship between thoughtful nutrition and peak athletic performance.


Choosing Perple as my preferred nutritional partner transcends beyond product selection; it represents an alignment with a brand that shares my passion for fuelling with goodness. The blend between my commitment to clean sport, plant-based nutrition and Perple's dedication to providing high-quality, science-backed products enhances my confidence in the choices I make to support my athletic journey.


Author: Adelle Tracey

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