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Developed at the University of Oxford

Banned substance tested to be safer for athletes

  • Sports Drink

    Sold out

    For park runners, circuit cyclists, spinners, footballers, basketballers, netballers, rugby players, swimmers, gym goers, skiers…


    Blood Orange


    Fresh Lime & Mint


    Golden Mango

    Sold out
    Sports Drink 6-Pack Golden Mango
  • Endurance Mix

    For distance runners, road cyclists, triathletes, iron-men and women, ultras, mountain bikers, rowers, trekkers, adventurers...


    Blood Orange


    Summer Berries

    Endurance Mix 4-Pack Summer Berries


Our unique combination of fast and slow release carbs, balanced electrolytes, and vegan BCAAs work together to sustain endurance, enhance hydration, boost cognitive performance, metabolise fats faster, and reduce muscle damage.


Chose from our 4 gloriously, sun-ripened, and naturally refreshing, fresh fruit flavours. Ranging from sweet, to deliciously sharp. Made with nutritious plant based ingredients to thrill your taste-buds. No ultra processed sugars, artificial flavours, sweeteners or preservatives.

No Ultra Processed Sugars

No Aspartame

No Maltodextrin

No Caffeine

No Artificial Colours & Preservatives

No Side Effects

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