No Pleasure

no pain

It’s far more than a clever slogan.

It’s a scientifically backed belief that sporting performance is enhanced by pleasure.

Faster, further, higher, harder, happier.

The pleasure that comes from sustained endurance, improved muscle function, boosted cognitive function, faster fat burning, faster recovery and enhanced hydration, that enable you to go faster, further, higher, harder than ever before.

And the pleasure that comes when you can get all of that from 4 refreshing fruit flavours, made with 100% natural ingredients, free of caffeine, artificial sweeteners, flavours, colours, ultra-processed sugars, and with no nasty side effects like cramps, headaches or energy crashes.

‘No pain, no gain’, has been roundly discredited by scientists, coaches and elite athletes alike. It’s an outdated, toxic, and counter productive ideology, proven to undermine performance.

Yet in continues to be promoted by many sports nutrition brands. And in many cases it’s because their view of what motivates athletes is as outdated and harmful as the ingredients they use in their products.Perple’s unique combination of complex carbs, BCAAs and electrolytes, were developed in the labs of Oxford University, specifically to enhance performance through pleasure.